torsdag 24. september 2020

torsdag 27. august 2020

Update from the organizer

Five weeks before round 1 starts in the evening of October 4, we the Fagernes chess organizers are very well satisfied to see around 110 players and about the same number of hotel guests registered in our lists! 

Obviously 2020 is a very difficult year to plan an international chess tournament for players as well as organizers, and still we do not know whether all invited title holders and other foreign players will be able to arrive Norway as planned. 

Unfortunately we had to
 remove many strong players unable to come due to travel restrictions. With 13 GMs from 8 different federations on the current list we will however have a strong title tournament even in case of some more cancellations. Since the tournament is registered as our national championship in FIDE, it will be possible for Norwegian players to make title norms also if they do not play enough foreign opponents. 

We in Norway fortunately still have few registered Covid-19 cases compared to most other countries, and Fagernes is in a safe area with very low risk. We have had a constructive dialogue with local health authorities. Needless to say we should still have some special rules to minimize the risks further, and these will be published 1-2 weeks in advance. 

To assure sufficient distance between the players we are not sure whether we can allow more than 130 players, and also there can be a practical problem to get enough hotel rooms if we have many more registrations. Following this, we ask players who are not on the current list and plan to play our tournament to contact us as soon as possible! 

We remain optimistic for a successful tournament and look much forward to meeting many chessfriends again in a safe countryside environment October 4 to October 11!

tirsdag 18. august 2020

100 participants

Six weeks before the start date we have reached 100 participants in this delayed edition of Fagernes Chess International. We expect the tournament to go ahead as planned with round one played Sunday 4th October.

onsdag 25. mars 2020

Message from the organizer

We, the organizers of the yearly chess festival at Fagernes in Norway, all the way into the endgame of the preparations for our 2020 tournament hoped that that it could take place as planned in the Easter tournament. After severe emergency measures were declared both by the Norwegian government and by local health authorities March 12, we however had to conclude that it was now a both irresponsible and illegal move to run the tournament in April.

National and international sport events, including chess events, are this spring facing their most demanding set back since the Second World War. It is of course absolutely necessary that organizers and participants from all sports during such a situation with an acute risk of a further spread of a dangerous new infection, give full support to the emergency measures.

At the same time, it is important that organizers and participants look forward and plan for sport events to be reestablished as soon as possible after the crisis. For our part, we are happy to announce that we following consultations with the Norwegian Chess Federation and the Scandic Valdres Hotel have found a new three-year plan, including new Easter holiday tournaments at Fagernes in 2021 and 2022.  

As for the 2020 tournament, our first plan for the second half of June turned out to be too impatient and risky. Therefore, we have made a new plan to realize our postponed tournament as an autumn holiday tournament from Sunday October 4 to Sunday October 11. With only a few small adjustments, Fagernes Chess International and The Open Norwegian Championship then will be played as planned for Easter. 

The immediate response to this decision has been very promising, and before publishing the new tournament dates we already have more than 40 registered participants. Following this it is our hope and our belief that the festival in the autumn will reach at least the same high level and number of players as it would have had in the spring. 

Old and new chessfriends of different ages, coming from around the whole of Norway and the rest of the chess world community, are hereby welcomed to a postponed and very much awaited chess tournament at Fagernes in October 2020! 

On behalf of the organizers 
IA IO Hans Olav Lahlum 
Chief organizer and chief arbiter

tirsdag 24. mars 2020

Fagernes Chess International moved to October 

The new dates for Fagernes Chess International 2020 have been decided upon.
We will try again from Saturday 4 to Sunday 11 October.

Hope to see you then!

More information will follow.

torsdag 12. mars 2020

Fagernes Chess International postponed

Due to the Corona crisis Fagernes Chess International 2020 has been postponed.
We are hoping to organize the tournament at a later date, most likely during the last week of June.

Everyone who has already entered the tournament will be informed by email if a new date is found. Please contact organizer Hans Olav Lahlum at if you have any questions. 

lørdag 10. august 2019

Welcome to Fagernes Chess International!

The tournament is played at the major Norwegian Chess Hotel Scandic Valdres
at Fagernes, 187 km north of Oslo.
Main organizer is Hans Olav Lahlum in cooperation with Hedmark og Oppland Sjakkrets.

Hans Olav Lahlum

Hans Olav Lahlum (born 1973) is a well known Norwegian chess player, chess organizer and chess TV commentator, having the titles of International Organizer (IO) and International Arbiter (IA) from the World Chess Federation FIDE. 

Lahlum organized numerous international tournaments at Gausdal 1999-2008, Oslo 2011-2014 and Fagernes 2014-2019. 

He has also been chief arbiter in many other large tournaments including the Norwegian championships 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018 og 2019.